A Program Designed Around Driving Value Creation and Visibility:

With a careful balance between high level strategic guidance and open discussion among peers, SDLN ensures there is value for category decision makers as well as those operating on the ground, implementing collaborative solutions with their teams in real time.

Day 1
22 Oct 2019
Day 2
23 Oct 2019
Day 3
24 Oct 2019

Welcome introduction to SDLN, Miami forum

Learn more about up & coming Global Agricultural hubs & how to stay connected.

A Sustainable 2025

Five years before the SDGs deadline, we look at the target for global progress in integrating public policy, scientific solutions and technology to facilitate a sustainable planet.

Horticulture & Vertical Farming

How the reinvention of horizontal horticulture is breaking down barriers across the globe.

Food Security, Funds & Data Tools

Rain drought, malnutrition & a financially underserved farmers; finding the balance in business.

Global Growth, Trends & Forecasts

How digital disruption and consolidation are tackling our rising populations and food demands.

Digitization: Seed to Farm to Table

The three key needs to not only disrupt, but revolutionise agriculture: increased farming efficiency; transparent and sustainable food supply chains; management of supply and price volatility.

Global Sustainability: The Targets and How to Get There

Population, consumption, poverty, climate change – identifying sustainability obstacles to both business and global goals, and how to overcome them.

Panel: Food Waste and Recovery

Exploring frameworks from global innovators to support collective action towards eliminating food waste and transforming it into new material.

More Food vs Smarter Food

How to achieve SDG ‘Zero Hunger’ by focusing not only on crop yield, but environment and climate, seed selection and management, and the process distribution phases.

The Trilogy of Sustainability: Farming, Finance, Technology

How we can improve food security while also shifting towards a global innovation and knowledge based agricultural economy.


A New Frontier: Pioneering Using Precision

Controlled accuracy in an uncontrollable climate: using data driven technology for crops and livestock.

Innovation In a Financially Stifled Industry

Agriculture has provided the foundation for civilization, & modern innovations in agriculture could help save it, though lack in financial security. It’s time for a group think.

How IoT is Revolutionizing Agriculture

Is IoT the future of agriculture? Science and tech think so – here’s why and how you can reap the benefits.

How Big Data Can Enable Outcome-based Farming

Analysing large data volumes to predict risk of disease and pest outbreaks, enabling the right solutions to be made at the right time.

PANEL: Blockchain & the Agriculture Supply Chain

Setting a practical blockchain strategy for your business in 2020.

Sowing Seeds of Change: Crop Management

Crop-monitoring solutions for a seamless complete history. How companies are integrating & saving big on time, money & resources.

Banking On Agritech

From billion-dollar start-ups to the global VCs that invest in them – plus how can individual business scale up to the point where they can produce significant cash flow to support themselves?

Preparing for Natural Disasters and Global Climate Change

Predictions, preparations & quantifying the impact.

Privacy & Data Rights

The value behind your business data and how to protect it.

Finding Security in Climate Change

With sea levels rising, land temperatures increasing and severe weather patterns recurring, securing a sustainable future can be daunting. Here’s how one company plans to achieve theirs.

Replacing Chemicals

From UV light to pesticides and fertilizers; where harmful chemicals are being replaced and how to implement them for your crop.

Antibiotics: Friend or Foe

The complex use of antibiotics and resistance in agriculture according to scientists, farmers and the public.

Smart Solar Energy

Effective solar solutions to cut costs and increase self reliance on the ground.  

Building The Bridge Between Farming & Finance

Too big for government support and too small for capital markets – find out how your data can benefit you financially.

Equipping The Modern Farmer With Data

Discussion the obstacles to connectivity, accessibility and adoption of big data use in crop and livestock farming.

Evolving Trade Agreements to Meet Development & Sustainability

How are current global politics affecting international trade, development and investment in agriculture?

What is Your Business 2020 Sustainability Strategy?

Looking towards the next 12 months within individual business as well as global long term 2030 SDG implementation.  

Panel: Investing in Agritech

What do the top tier of global VC firms and investors look for and how do they envision the future of global investment trends?

Safe & Innovative Sandbox for Rising Biotechs

Safe Innovation for the agritech revolution while maintaining positive growth.


A discussion of farm income and cost estimates and forecasts for the agricultural sector with data that underpins much of the farm income forecast and estimates.



End poverty, protect the planet & ensure that all people enjoy peace & prosperity. Simple, right?

Food Sovereignty vs Food Security

A community right to produce food and consume it doesn’t always align with a global responsibility to protect it. How can we ensure food security for the planet without jeopardising people’s right to rule their own food ecosystem?

Global Business and Responsible Sourcing

Tourism giant Airbnb walks us through the task of feeding thousands of employees whilst maintaining a responsible sourcing and distribution strategy.

Harvesting the Benefits of Plant Based Meat Alternatives

Predictions from the pioneers of meat alternative markets, including ingredient breakthroughs and the future of 2019’s successful mainstream recognition.

Farmers and Growers: Smart Farming

Get up to speed with the latest implementable developments in applying tech to your terra.

Sustainable Cannabis Farming

Everyone from lawyers to indoor growers are jumping on the cannabis boom, but how is regulation and policy affecting the market and its future?

PANEL: AI & Farming

How the latest global developments in data analytics are producing better yields.

A Hydroponic Future

Forget soil – discover the plants that never get planted with category leaders paving the way for indoor miracle growth on an industrial scale.


The agricultural sector has long survived by throwing more pesticides, machines & land at every problem – Finally, the food revolution is upon us